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Why Lease a Jetstar™?
Because, by leasing, the entire unit is ultimately FREE!

The Jetstar™ was developed for over the road tractor trailers that use a large volume of fuel. If you are spending $5,000.00 or more a month in fuel cost and install a Jetstar™ and receive at least 10% in monthly fuel savings. That works out to a minimum of $500.00 a month in savings. That $500.00 will pay for your lease and will still put money in your pocket each and every month! Therefore the Jetstar™ is ultimately free. The initial cost is paid from the use of the Jetstar™ and once paid for all savings go directly into your pocket. Leasing Jetstars™ for multiple trucks can add up to a significantly large amount of monthly positive cash flow. The benefits are twofold; you save money and create positive cash flow.

Why Lease?
Profits come from using equipment, not from owning it.
In deciding how to pay for an equipment acquisition, it is important that…
It is the Use, Not the Ownership of Equipment that Generates Profits.

Ownership only makes sense if there is potential appreciation, as with real estate, intellectual property or collectables.

Leasing conserves money.
As a business owner, you know that cash is limited in supply. Leasing allows you to get the equipment you need while diverting cash to other business needs like payroll, inventory, advertising, and so on.
• Little or no down payment required.
• Low monthly payments with extended terms up to 4 years
• Save your current credit lines for expenditures requiring cash.

Leasing saves on taxes.
Making money is one thing. Keeping it is another.
• With a TRUE lease, your lease payments are 100% deductible as an operating expense.*
• Sales tax is paid monthly with your lease payment, rather than all at once when you purchase.
*We recommend you call your accountant and discuss your particular situation.

Leasing saves you time.
Leasing is simple, quick, and convenient. You will receive a very fast credit decision so you can get your Jetstar™ installed as soon as possible with minimal documentation and red tape.

Hydrogen Fuel Systems uses Teck Financing for most of our customers needs. They have years of experience in the Trucking Industry and has been a leader in Equipment Lease Financing Programs for years. There are a number of ways to apply and get approval for your Jetstar™ Lease.

You can also contact Cheri Swartzbaugh from Teck Financing direct at 800-565-3884 ext. 252 for a quick and simple over the phone application


Just click on the link below for an Interactive Desktop Application. There is also a menu bar on the right hand side of the linked home page for other application options.

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