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The scientific theory of burning fuel more efficiently in a hydrogen enriched air mixture has been scientifically acknowledged for some time. To date no one has been able to package a portable, reliable, safe system that will work with an internal combustion engine regardless of the type of fuel.

The Jetstar™ is a patented, (with some patents still pending) aftermarket retrofit that provides combustion enhancement by mixing hydrogen and oxygen with the vehicle’s intake air. You then get a more complete burn of fuel in the internal combustion engine, and this mixture is especially effective in diesel engines.

The Jetstar™ gasifies our hydrogen compatible Jetfuel™ (specially treated distilled water) by separating hydrogen and oxygen molecules creating hydrogen and oxygen gases. These gases are produced only when the engine is operating. The gases are produced under a slight pressure to compensate for turbo boost and to ensure a consistent flow to the engine. A hose from the Jetstar™ generator delivers the dry gases to the intake of the vehicle, allowing the gas and fuel vapor to mix resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel. Burning the fuel in the combustion chamber more completely will increase fuel mileage and horsepower, while reducing maintenance and/or operating cost. Hydrogen is not stored within the system at any time.

The benefits of the Jetstar™ technology are:
• Increased fuel savings
• Increased power as a result of a complete fuel burn
• Reduced emissions
• Trailers remaining cleaner therefore have to be washed less
• Lower engine operating temperatures
• Oil viscosity is extended resulting in possibly less oil changes per year.

The Jetstar™ has a life expectancy in excess of 10 years and has been engineered to operate in temperatures ranging from -45 to +77 degrees C.

The operation is simple. The operator changes the 1.8 liter bottle of Jetfuel™ (specially treated distilled water) every 2500 to 4,000 miles of operation.

The Jetstar™ has a wireless remote monitor that is mounted in the cab that keeps the driver informed as to the efficiency of the Jetstar’s™ performance and when to replace the bottle of Jetfuel™.
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