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Jetstar™ University
Hydrogen Fuel Systems Inc. has set up their Technical Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
In most cases for independent/owner operators one of our Senior Technicians will come out to a pre-determined qualified shop location and install the Jetstar™. In the case of small and large fleets one of our Senior Technicians will will also visit the fleet’s maintenance facility and install one or more units. When more than a few Jetstars are required in a fleet situation it is our recommendation that one or more of the top technicians depending on company size attend our Jetstar™ University.

Jetstar™ University was established to introduce the concept of Hybrid Energy Applications and how Jetstar™ can increase the life, power and fuel efficiency of an engine while significantly reducing harmful emissions. The university enables us to better train diesel technicians on the Jetstar™, its benefits, as well as installation procedures, setting up, servicing the unit and transferring the unit from the old truck to the new one when the time comes.

Companies with medium to large fleets are encouraged to train technicians on their staff so that once installed, Jetstar™ may bring the bottom line benefits on a continual basis with little interruption and no downtime for the truck or the driver.

The intense training course developed over the years by committed technicians, trainers and the Chief Engineer takes 3 days and allows the technicians the “hands on “ method of working with and troubleshooting the Jetstar™. Upon graduation your technician will receive a Certificate which authorizes them to install, trouble shoot, and do authorized warranty work on the Jetstar™.

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