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Quality and Safety
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• TSSA Certified

ALL JETSTARS are manufactured to stringent specifications and testing .

• Jetstar™ is the only hydrogen power generator that bears the Technical Safe Standards Authority
(TSSA) Approval for pressure vessels recognized by Transportation Authorities.
• Every Jetstar™ unit is constructed using ISO 9002 the highest manufactured standard industrial
and electronic components.
• Every Jetstar™ is manufactured from high quality stainless steel.
• Every Jetstar™ unit has been tested for vibration resistance.
• Every Jetstar™ is installed by a certified technician.
• Every Jetstar™ unit comes with an in-cab wireless remote to keep the driver fully informed as to
the performance of the unit.


NUMEROUS SAFETY FEATURES are built into the Jetstar™ system:
• A two way solenoid deactivates immediately on shutdown, clearing all hydrogen from the system.
• All hoses, fittings, and components are designed to withstand up to 150 PSI. and every Jetstar™ comes with a TSSA label affixed.
• If the unit should fail for any reason, it will not impede the operation of the vehicle.
• Never at any time is there any significant amount of hydrogen in your Jetstar™ system. All the hydrogen
being generated is consumed by your engine.
• You, the trucker, have enough issues to deal with. You can drive worry-free with the Jetstar™ knowing it is
safe and DOT (Department of Transport) compliant.
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