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The Jetstar™ does not void any existing warranties related to the truck i.e. engine, transmission etc.

1. For a Period of two (2) years from the orginal installation date, the Jetstar™ is warranted as a consumer
product to the original consumer purchaser.

2. This product is warranted against defective materials and workmanship. This warranty is void if the
product has been damaged due to improper installation (by an unauthorized Hydrogen Technician),
misuse, unreasonable use, neglect, accident, unauthorized field modification, improper and unauthorized
service or addition of any liquid other than Jetfuel™ to the reservoir.

3. For your protection, we ask that you do not attempt to modify or repair the damage yourself. Not only will
this void your warranty, but will also make the repairs much more difficult.

4. Every Jetstar™ has been calibrated to perform at peak efficiency then sealed to prevent tampering.
The seal is numbered and recorded. If the seal is tampered with or broken, by persons other than an
authorized Jetstar™ Technician, all warranty and product liability obligations shall become null and void.

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